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Unique services for your business

PDY Design Limited offers the following services:


We can produce 2D drawings and 3D CAD models from the following original formats:


Scanned drawings in pdf, jpeg, tiff, etc.

  • 2D CAD drawings
  • Paper drawings
  • Dimensioned sketches
  • Freehand sketches
  • Marked up prints / blueprints for editing
  • Floor and elevations plans
  • Idea sketches


The quality, performance and security of your company can be vastly improved with our technology / design  / process audits.


Working together with your in-house team, we analyses your infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities / improvements.


We then set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements, small changes could save your company money.

Warehouse Planning

The flow and performance of your Company can be vastly improved with our knowledge.


Having a fresh look at your company can improve time usage, order picking and feedback from staff.


Planning for new equipment and setting up of new production lines can cost money if not planned and done in details, production and storage is important. 

Production planning

The highly trained and experienced project manager at PDY Design Limited can help you plan the processes that you need to reach your business objectives.


Almost every product and idea has the potential in some way to be improved or developed further whether it is by changes to its shape and appearance, material, method of manufacture or purpose.


At PDY Design Limited we can assist you with this process and gain future sales. We can also take your sketches of potential new ideas and turn them into CAD drawings / 3D models if required.


Designing on paper can help cost projects and we can include manufacturing bill of materials so can have a true cost and estimation of return on investment.

Production drawings

We will quickly and cost effectively convert design sketches and old pdfs into coherent CAD drawings to suit your requirements.


Where required we will design and setup custom blocks, templates, assembly manuals and product check lists.


CAD details can be scaled and styled as required, template designed, keys and annotations applied to your Company CAD specification.


CAD designs can be outputted to industry standard electronic document formats, including pdf, tiff, jpeg or converted into various CAD formats, for example dwg and dxf.


2D Production templates for laser / plasma process, punch machines and welding / drilling jigs can be created

Additional services

  • Development of current Sales drawings
  • Quotation software (excel)
  • Sales templates (including CAD blocks and excel sheets)
  • Manufacturing bill of materials and part lists generators (excel)
  • Teaching of AutoCAD to development of your employees
  • Planning application drawings with Ordnance survey site maps